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Q “How to organize and register a Dairy Cooperative Society?”

A. Ensure from the Dairy Extension Service Unit that the place is outside the operational area of any other dairy cooperative society. A formal application signed by at least 25 members belonging to different families may be submitted to the Deputy Director of Dairy Development of that district. He will issue directions to the Dairy Extension Officer to conduct the organizational meeting for the formation of the society and take further action.

2. Q “What should do for registration of a Dairy plant under the MMPO 1992 ?”
A. An application in the prescribed format may be made to the Director of Dairy Development Department (Registering Authority) along with the prescribed fee of Rs. 5,000/- For guidance in the matter the Technical Cell functioning in the Directorate of Dairy Development Department may be contacted.

3. Q “What should do to cultivate fodder ? Where will get the seeds or cuttings(Root slips?”)
A. Suitable well drained land with sufficient irrigation facilities should be selected. Land may be prepared for sowing or seeds or planting root slips. For seeds/ root slips & technical advice the nearest Dairy Extension Service Unit may be contacted. Seeds / root slips are made available free of cost.

4. Q “Whom should be approached to redress a grievance about the functioning of a Dairy Co-operative Society?”
A. The Dairy Extension Officer of the area may be contacted for the redressal of grievances. If a solution is not found, the Deputy Director may be contacted.

5. Q “Not getting reasonable price for the milk sold to a Co-operative Society Why ?”

A. Ensure that no adulteration takes place to the milk from the time of Milking till it reaches the society by any other person handling it. If the complaint still persists, contact the local Dairy Extension Officer or Quality Control Officer.

6. Q “The Fat & SNF content of the milk (yielded by a farmer) is not up to the standard. How can the quality of milk be improved ?”
A. Natural and man -made factors affect the Fat & SNF content of milk. Factors due to genetic inheritance of the animal cannot be rectified. Feeds and feeding can influence the Fat & SNF content of milk. For Technical advice, the Dairy Extension Officer of the area may be contacted