RKVY 2010 -11

 As per G.O(M.S) No: 175/2010/AD dated 7/7/2010, Rs 3.83 crores is sanctioned for  Dairy Development Department under RKVY 2010 -11. The scheme components are as follows      

I. Enhancement of Rural Marketing

a. Trivandrum - Melkadakkavoor Ksheera Vyvasaya Co-operative Society 

Total outlay – Rs 120 lakh                             

RKVY assistance – Rs 60 lakh 

To enhance the processing capacity to 20000 lts./day from the present 10000     lts/day ,to install automatic fill pack machine to pack fluid milk and milk  products, to erect dairy equipments for the production of ice cream, peda & sip-up and to install an online cream separator and steam boiler.

b. Kollam - Kundra Milk Co operative Society

Total outlay – Rs 16 lakh                             
RKVY assistance – Rs 8 lakh

To install of Bulk Milk Cooler of 4000 litre capacity, platform construction, purchase of fittings and related accessories.  

II. Milk Can supply- 606 nos

Total outlay – Rs 20 lakh
RKVY assistance – Rs 10 lakh
Providing milk cans to DCS at subsidized rate.
The subsidy shall be 50% of the cost of the can subject to a maximum of Rs 1650/- per can.eligible to apply. The selection is based on necessity. The subsidy shall be 50% of the cost of the can subject to a maximum of Rs 1650/- per can.

III. Need Based Assistance to Farmers- 1000 nos

Total outlay – Rs 150 lakh                             
RKVY assistance – Rs 75lakh
Progressive farmer can avail this scheme by purchasing any one or combination of items mentioned in the scheme. The farmer will get assistance of 50% of the cost to a maximum limit of Rs 7500/-.

IV. Heifer Unit-200 units

Total outlay – Rs 280 lakh
RKVY assistance – Rs 140 lakh5 heifers will be reared in each unit. The subsidy for one unit will be Rs 75000/- and the balance amount has to be borne by bank finance. And it will be released after the purchase of animals. The heifers at age of around one year are to be purchased from neighboring states.

V. Feed Supplement -1.8 lakh kg

Total outlay – Rs 180 lakh
RKVY assistance – Rs 90 lakh
The project envisages distributing ‘CalSagar’ animal feed pellets, a product of Indian Immunologicals Limited to 180000 farmers pouring milk at dairy co-operatives (DCS) in the state. 1 kg packs will be distributed among the 180000 beneficiaries.

For construction of Dairy Training Centre at Adoor and Dormitory and Library Hall at Kozhikode DTC with NABARD Assistance under RIDF XV  at a total cost of Rs 79.81 Lakh.