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A.Dairy Farmers Contact Programme

This programme aims for the  transfer of  technology from Reserch Stations/Universities to the farmers at the village level. It is being conducted at NGO, dairy co-operatives level and also by interaction with farmers directly. An amount of Rs.500/- is provided for meeting the expenditure of farmers contact programme.

The objectives of this scheme are:-

(1) To provide platform for the dairy farmers to gettoghter and share informations about  modern scientific practices in Dairy Cattle Management.                  

(2)  To get feed back from the farmers so as to get enough relevant materials for policy and programme formulation.

(3) To promote interaction among dairy farmers.

B. Quality Awareness Programme (QAP)

Quality Awareness Programme is conducted with the help of Dairy Co-operatives, NGOs and other farmer groups to create an awareness among the milk producers in maintaining the quality of milk and milk products produced and marketed.  It helps the farmers to get better price and in maintaining good quality of milk pooled at the society so that losses due to spoilage is minimized.  For conducting one programme Rs.2500/- is allocated.

C. Consumer Interface Programme

Consumer Interface Programme is a programme organized once in a year as a special drive during Onam season or other festive occasions when there is a possibility of poor quality milk making inroads into the state’s urban market due to increased demand. The CIP envisages to create awareness among the consumers about the organoleptic, physical and chemical qualities of milk and possible adulterants and precautions to be taken to avoid health hazards. It is organized with the help of Residents Associations and other consumer forums preferably at townships. It is conducted by the QCO of respective district. Amount of Rs. 5000/- is provided for the purpose.

D. District &Block Level Cattle Show And Seminars

The main objectives of the scheme are:-

(1) To provide a forum for the dairy farmers to present their professional problems and seek redressal for it collectively.

2)  Exchange of information for motivation of better cattle management.

3)  Exchange of information and promoting growth of Dairy Cooperative Sector.

The scheme envisages to organise a programme where representatives of the Dairy Cooperatives in the district and the Dairy Farmers are brought together for purposeful dialogue. Information exchange will be achieved by conducting group discussions,Dairy Quiz, Cattle Shows, Fodder Exhibitions, various competitions, etc. The dairy farmers will be honoured for their expertise as demonstrated by the quality of the animals and fodder crops maintained by them. The Dairy Cooperative Societies which show extraordinary performance will be honoured. A minimum number of 750 farmers will participate in this programme. The prizes will be arranged by mobilising sponsorship by the business community. Every year 14 District shows and 138 Block shows  will be arranged throughout the state. An amount of Rs. 10000/- for each block show and Rs. 50000/- for the district shows will be provided.


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