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Operational Assistance To Newly Registered Societies:

The scheme envisages giving financial support to  newly registered societies.   The total amount eligible to a Dairy Co-operative Societies is Rs 25000/ -

 Assistance for revival of Defunct Societies

Department have taken measures to revive the defunct DCS and make them viable. Initially the society is in need of working capital to pay the milk value, office expenses, establishment charges, equipments, transport etc. The assistance of Rs. 20000/- per DCS  helps to meet the initial expenses.

Assistance for the purchase of Chemicals, Glass wares &  Repair of lab  equipments.

The project aims to provide assistance to Dairy Co-operative Societies for purchasing chemicals & glassware's for testing, Repairing of lab equipments like Milk O Tester & Centrifuge etc.

The scheme provides assistance at the rate of Rs 5000/- per Dairy Co-operative Societies. Preference will be given to traditional co operative societies.

Scheme For Construction of Milk Collection Room

The objective of the scheme is to assist Dairy Co-operative Societies to construct a milk collection room for the hygienic milk collection.                                               

Dairy Co-operative Societies will be eligible for assistance only if the subsidies/ assistance received from all sources has not exceed 50 % of approved estimate.

The assistance will be Rs 50000/ of the estimated cost. And assistance / subsidy received from all other sources shall not exceed 50 % of the approved estimate.

 Need Based Assistance to Dairy Co-operative  Societies

The scheme envisages, giving assistance Dairy Co-operative Societies according to their need. Assistance of 50% of the total cost or to a maximum of Rs 25000 will be provided. Assistance will be given to the following items only.

Purchase & installation of pump, Construction of Bore well / open well, Purchase of office furniture, Renovation of milk collection & distribution rooms, Computerization, Construction of compound wall, extension of existing building,  Godown, Rewiring / Electrical repairs, Solar water heater, Can scrubbers, Milk cans, Milk product making equipments, Generator, Cream Separator, Bulk Milk Cooler, Deep Freezer and any items based on the project submitted by the DCS and approved by the Director.

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