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Purchase of glass wares, chemicals and equipments for the District Quality Control Laboratories.

The department has quality control labs one in each district headed by a Quality Control Officer. These laboratories have minimum facilities to conduct routine tests for assessing the quality of milk. Tests for determining fat & SNF percentage, tests for the presence of adulterants, preservatives etc are carried out in routine. Primary assessment of microbial quality, through MBR tests can also be done. These labs have to be provided with funds for the purchase of consumables like chemicals, glass wares, and minor equipments and for repair and maintenance of existing equipments. 

 Special Quality Testing Drive during Festival Season (Onam) 

During festival seasons, especially during Onam, the demand for milk in the state increases and lot of milk reaches the state from neighboring states. Unscrupulous traders take this as an opportunity to make huge profit by supplying low quality and adulterated milk. This is a major threat to public health as many of the chemicals added to milk as adulterants or preservatives are hazardous. In order to prevent such practices special quality testing drives are conducted throughout the state during Onam season. Milk Quality Information Centers are set up in all districts head quarters where the quality of all brands of milk marketed are tested and results made public through electronic and print media. Facilities are provided for daily testing samples of milk brought by public and providing results then and there.To prevent the entry of adulterated and low quality m ilk into the state special camps with laboratory facilities are set up at the four major check post (Walayar, Kumuli, Arayankavu and Parasala) of the state through which majority of the milk flows into the state. The samples from vehicles are taken and those found adulterated or of low quality are denied entry into the state and actions can be initiated against the offenders.